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July 26, 2011


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What are thumbs?

"Thumb" is short for "thumbnail" which is basically a miniature version of a deviation (merely a nickname used to describe a particular piece of art that has been submitted to deviantART1) and on deviantART, a thumb is clickable and leads to the original piece of art. Thumbs can be used in various places throughout deviantART such as features and forums.

A thumb and its code

This is a thumb:
Ordine by TwiggyTeeluck
Go ahead, try it out and click on it. :D

To display a thumb, you're going to need a thumb code. A thumb code looks like this:
And they can be found on the right side of a deviation:
thumbcode by TwiggyTeeluck
To display a thumb, simply copy and paste the deviation's thumb code where you'd like the thumb to be displayed.

Where can thumbs be displayed?

Thumbs will not work everywhere on deviantART. Thumbs can be displayed in various places on deviantART depending on whether or not you have a premium membership. If you're unsure about whether or not you're a premium member, just go to your profile page and look at the top. If it says "Need Premium Membership", you're not a premium member.

Chat networks

:bulletgreen: Available to all members.

FAQ #511: How do I post thumbnails of my art on the Chat Network or Forums?
  1. Find a chatroom in chat where you'd like to participate.
  2. Be sure to read the rules of the chatroom first before posting any thumbs!
  3. If permitted, post your thumb.
    chat1 by TwiggyTeeluck

Custom boxes

:bulletblue: Available to premium members only.

Custom boxes are boxes that can be placed on your profile. They're considered 'custom' because you can put practically anything you want in them, including thumbs!
  1. Go to your profile and click on the "Edit Page" button which is located in the top right.
    custom1 by TwiggyTeeluck
  2. Find "Custom" under the list of widgets. Click on it.
    custom2 by TwiggyTeeluck
  3. Click the "Edit" button, which is located on the top right of the box.
    custom3 by TwiggyTeeluck
  4. Copy and paste the thumb codes of the deviations you want to feature.
    custom4 by TwiggyTeeluck
  5. Click on "Save and Preview".
    custom5 by TwiggyTeeluck custom6 by TwiggyTeeluck
  6. Click on "Install Now".
    custom7 by TwiggyTeeluck
  7. Move the box to where you want it to be displayed on your page.
    custom8 by TwiggyTeeluck
  8. Click done.
    custom9 by TwiggyTeeluck


:bulletblue: Available to premium members only.

Thumbs can be displayed in the description of deviations, as seen in this deviation.
  1. Copy and paste the thumb code into the description.
    deviation1 by TwiggyTeeluck
  2. If you hit preview, you should see the thumb.
    deviation2 by TwiggyTeeluck
  3. Fill out the rest of necessary information and submit the deviation.


:bulletgreen: Available to all members.

If the creator of a forum thread has allowed replies to display avatars and thumbnails (and most of the time, they will), then everyone can use thumb codes in that forum thread.
Take this forum thread as an example. It's located in the Deviation Thumbshare forum.
  1. Scroll down to the reply area.
    forum1 by TwiggyTeeluck
  2. Copy and paste the thumb code.
    forum2 by TwiggyTeeluck
  3. *Note: If you hit the "Preview" button, the thumb code won't be displayed as a thumbnail. However, once you click on "Add Comment", your thumbs will be displayed.
    forum3 by TwiggyTeeluck


:bulletblue: Available to premium members only.

Thumbs can be displayed in journals, like this.
  1. Go to your journal.
    journal1 by TwiggyTeeluck
  2. Click on "New Journal Entry".
    journal2 by TwiggyTeeluck
  3. Copy and paste the thumb codes.
    journal3 by TwiggyTeeluck
  4. Click on "Publish Entry".
    journal4 by TwiggyTeeluck
  5. Admire your work. :D
    journal5 by TwiggyTeeluck

News Articles

:bulletgreen: Available to all members.

  1. Go to the news section located here and click on the "Submit News" button located in the top right.
    news1 by TwiggyTeeluck
  2. Copy and paste the thumb codes.
    news2 by TwiggyTeeluck
  3. Optional: Hit "Preview" just to make sure you copied and pasted the thumb codes correctly because once you hit submit, you can't go back and edit it. =]
    news3 by TwiggyTeeluck news4 by TwiggyTeeluck
  4. Fill in the headline/ title, summary, and select a topic. Then hit "Submit News Story".
    news5 by TwiggyTeeluck


:bulletgreen: Available to all members.

Thumbs work in notes to both members and groups.
  1. Go to your notes and click on "Create a New Note"
    notes1 by TwiggyTeeluck
  2. Copy and paste the thumb codes.
    notes2 by TwiggyTeeluck
  3. If you hit "Preview", you should see the thumbnails.
    notes3 by TwiggyTeeluck
  4. Click on "Send".
    notes4 by TwiggyTeeluck


:bulletblue: Available to premium members only.

Thumbs can be included in the answers of polls only.
  1. Click the "New" button on your poll widget. (If you're a premium member and you haven't added the poll widget yet, refer back to the steps on using thumbs in a custom box on your page. Simply click "Edit Page" on the top right of your profile and search for the poll widget in the list of widgets.)
    poll1 by TwiggyTeeluck
  2. Fill in your question and answers. Thumbs will be displayed only in the answers of the poll, not in the poll question itself. Multiple thumb codes can be used in one poll answer.
    poll2 by TwiggyTeeluck
  3. Click on "Save".
    poll3 by TwiggyTeeluck poll4 by TwiggyTeeluck


:bulletblue: Available to premium members only.

Thumbs can be used in the "Description" area of the following widgets:
  • Collection
  • Critiques
  • deviantID
  • Donate
  • Favorites
  • Featured Deviation
  • Featured Print
  • Gallery Folder
  • My Prints
  • Newest Deviations
  • Screenshot
  • Wishlist
Thumbs can also be used in the "Introduction" area of the Delicious Bookmarks widget.
  1. Click on the "Edit" button in the top right of the widget.
    widget1 by TwiggyTeeluck widget2 by TwiggyTeeluck
  2. Copy and paste the thumb codes into the "Description" area.
    widget3 by TwiggyTeeluck
  3. Click "Save".
    widget4 by TwiggyTeeluck widget5 by TwiggyTeeluck

Where won't thumbs work?

Thumbs won't work anywhere else but the places mentioned above. Unless commenting on a forum which allows replies to include thumbs, thumbs cannot be used in comments. That means thumbs won't be displayed in comments on the following:
  • Critiques
  • Deviations
  • Deviation submission processes
  • Favorites collections
  • Galleries
  • Journals/ blogs
  • News articles
  • Polls
  • Shoutboxes
  • User profiles
If it wasn't already mentioned, thumbs won't work anywhere else either.

Hopefully this article is useful. My sincere apologies if any information is missing or incorrect! :heart:

1FAQ #15: What is a deviation?
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thanks a lot for the tutorial! :D
Nailita Feb 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I've a real big problem with displaying thubms, under one of my uploads. I've done every thing like you discribed, but it alway shows this instead of a picture...

<da:thumb id="243332259">
Memphis-Creasy Oct 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
<da:thumb id="243332259"> Testing <da:thumb id="243332259">
TwiggyTeeluck Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
It doesn't work in comments, sorry! :)
Memphis-Creasy Oct 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I appreciate you taking my mistake, & making it yours own by saying "Sorry" :giggle:.
In the same way as saying "i should've stopped you *i'm sorry".xD!!
TwiggyTeeluck Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
More like a neutral "I'm sorry that deviantART doesn't allow this!" :giggle:
Memphis-Creasy Oct 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Not serving, or associating a specific side.
But to mutually have inconsistent feelings? Now i feel bad :saddummy: "i'm sorry, & pardon my lack knowledge." (i have no powers.)
TwiggyTeeluck Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh, please don't be sorry! You did nothing wrong. I thought your comment was amusing. :glomp:
Memphis-Creasy Oct 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Mr-Glaceon May 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
FINALLY OMG, after all the searching I did, somebody explained why thumb codes don't work in Preview mode on the forums! I was so worried that I and a friend both were doing something wrong while trying to use thumbs for requests and point commissions threads. XD Can't wait to tell her the thumb codes work fine after hitting reply!

Thank you so much for posting this, I was about to headdesk myself over it! *insta-fave*
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